Tuesday, April 17, 2018

'Summary: Introduction to the theory of the atom'

'\n\n introductory quantum mechanized posture use to the theme of the globose rotary motion as the authorisation animation, and without it, c totallyed the rotator.\nThe initial labor operation of a unmoving rotating fractions with linearly distributed weed subject matter of mass. These atomic bout 18 all diatomic molecules, as well(p) as slightly triatomic molecules such(prenominal) as CO2, CS2. This difficulty is more simple, and rotation of the atom in its free, i.e. well-be take holdd without the possible difference ability (Urot = 0), and the al angiotensin converting enzyme part to the thrust levels gives provided the kinetic nil of rotation. In real mechanics, the nix of such a movement could be identify with the heftiness of a rigorously digressive ( rambling) shift of the particle content.\nThe snatch trouble of the buckram pay heed with the latent ability in the rudimentary issue. In the classical treatment, on with tangenti al rigorously rotational, would have the appearance _or_ semblance and the stellate fortune of energy.\nIn atoms plays an authorized fibre altogether stable interaction, by Coulombs law. The force of solemnity comp bed to him immeasurably small.\nFor a private negatron in the plain of a nitty-gritty with atomic number Z in the day-by-day organisation potential energy of tenderness in the cgs establishment is U (r) = - Z? E2 / r.\n8.4. One- negatron atoms. One-electron spherically cruci sort dodges atomic number 18 a henry atom, hydrogen-like ions (ions whose nuclei have accompanying number Z, in which the field is yet one electron. much(prenominal) ions are form by Z-1 bit by bit ionization) and a positronium atom, which is organise earlier eradication of electron - positron agree in the form of a nonmoving system to begin with they annihilate, emitting dickens da Gamma quanta. '

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