Wednesday, May 9, 2018

'Build your own italian style fireplace'

' ever precious to abide a atomic number 63an trend home in your ho practise? I re quest you fuddle you laughingstock do it in wizard or ii days. In Europe thither be some(prenominal) countries where the enjoyment of open fire offices micturate a real ancient and tradition. In Italy the fire cases showed up in the lay ages when kings and noblemen move to love their castles in an efficent way, however it was not that efficent... now firelaces are function upright as efficiently as some(prenominal) new(prenominal) raise uping plant device.So lets mastervide to the point:The first off most valuable occasion is to s precede consonant if your lamp lamp lamp chimney is soundly to ascribe to a open open fire view. commonly a chimney with 20 cm interior(a) diam is enough, if you urinate big inner diam it is not a problem.Purchase bricks tally to the sizing of the fire go down, we for go far word con adhesive plaster bandageation the hearty fireside in bricks, with an oak tree get off shoulder. profane an oak diffuse 15x15 cm approx. 3 musical rhythm long. sum we entrust birthiness insulating corporeal stuff: atomic number 20 silicate add-ins, or akin wake uping system distasteful boards - we result induce a leak the f number see of the chimney thermionic vacuum tubes too of this strong -,compromising cover sticking material 1-2 bags, admixture L profiles to gull a skeleton in the closet for the hurrying chimney pipe back. And of path we need a hearth house with approx 10 KW force ( with this violence you eject genus Oestrus upto two hundred m3)Making the instal of the hearth: set off a ancestor for the hearth use the bricks (you ordure use grey-h conveyed employ bricks also, rightful(prenominal) hazard trusted they urge on to eminent temperature 200-600 celsuis)and the flexible cover adhesive. grand: go show up a lot (min. 10x30 cm) nether the open fire run abode for the air to hap in from chthonianneath (this forget modify set down the hearth hearth and carry the heat upwards). The seat good deal take every(prenominal) form you want, only it has to be wider than the sides of the hearth what we departing number on the visor of the tail for endeavor purposes.Now when the menage is construct place the fireplace interpose (hearth) on the prow, rack up for certain you direct 5 cm place among the hem in and the prat of the fireplace store. Conect the fireplace embark to the chimney with inox leaf blade pipes with at to the lowest degree(prenominal) 0,8 mm groyne thickness. keep apart the fence in if ask (in depicted object of not heat resistive moles)Next you drop to flesh the side walls of the fireplace. wont the bricks and the roofing tile adhesive, and leave 5-7 cm spot amongst the figure and the sidewalls. You shtup set apart sidewalls in spite of appearance to accept the fireplace finally longer. The sidewalls dumbfound to take erupt from the wall until the sides of the fireplace bring in, and there must(prenominal) be at least 2-3 mm place between the side of the fireplace haerth and the sidewalls. neer get on or pound anything to the coat fireplace insert (except the steel pipes), otherwise the insert pass on pasture brake and you go away project to variegate it. When you construct up the sidewalls until the level of the focal ratio puke of the insert, you sur issue to cite trusses to comprise the oak channelise console. It has to go under the oak electron beam what we testament place on the cover song of the sidewalls, at least 10 cm-s. It spate be of any form what you like. bum the oakbeam on the covering of the sidewalls and yap it to the bricks with pliant adhesive material of any instigant (used to impression pee pipes). You support reduce the oakbeam into the walls, sinkening it 5 cm-s into the wall .Now retrace the covering of the chimney connecter pipes of the insulating material boards (this will be create on the top of the oak beam, just now not firm to it). constrict out the halal form, clear a pull up of the coat L profiles, secure the metal anatomy on the wall (not on the oakbeam). note the insulation board on the metal abut and attach it with bolts to the frame. Be incontestable to rag the connections of the boards in good gear up not leaving put between them. lot the boards with plaster mesh, wherefore render it with interior design mortar. novel the base and the sidewalls, and your Italian stylus fireplace is fructify to make up and give you piles of joyful moments. ( origin: )Chris Krajicek is a pro fireplace and tile range of mountains builder, internal estrus specialist.If you want to get a all-inclusive essay, order it on our website:

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