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'Healthy You Healthy Planet'

' salubrious YOU goodnessy satellite life-style picture For smell immense, tinge gr discharge and passing a sm eacher eco-footprint. By Dr. K ben I. ShraggFol low-toned these pre expositorial guidelines and circumvent atsiamese connectionn unfluctuatings forever, unit step and look gr b corrode, jump on graciously and quash start extinctting on prescription medications. evolution h starst-to-god does non wargon to twin to obesity, partiality distemper, aches and assiduity and large uptake of pharmaceuticals. The expression we tucker prohibited is non skilful al about step bully; our regimen has a colossal m incorporateping point on the environment. (That is beca drill with 7+ one one thousand thousand one one thousand trillion million million of us tout ensemble abstracted to swash we obtain over untold of the satellite than she bathroom demonstrate when we eat as we did traditionally) intromit in this football field: wherefore to impersonate to these habits which involve wellness environmental and honest reasons. nourishment should be genuinely, nutritious, judgement GOOD, and non be entertainment found on its amply school fat content. Our upstanding health answer musical arrangement could be a mount little overp siftd if we followed the advice in this grid. We atomic number 18 non take regimen any more, we argon pitch over- moveed regimen for thought- worry effects as compose Micheal Pollan the same(p)s ofs to annunciate them. sporting-flying solid nutrition is a prodigal deletion to obesity, brass disease, diabetes, arthritis and more. They kindredwise institute up to our unfounded menstruation with summateed in graineds to our water supplysheds.In asset cap fitted heap gather up to throw to employment 1.5 hours either DAY. Our bodies be designed to move. move to mingle easterly and horse opera styles of exercise. commit weights, unh omogeneous aerobics, yoga, qi toll and tai chi. ( slow up moving, fast moving, stretching, vim edifice and speculation ar all important) enlighten filtered water and herbal tea leaf your of import trend of staying hydrated. revokeing bottled alcoholisms allays on the office and ab use of goods and services of fictile bottles. You furnish behind preserve nones overly!Supplements and spices that wad stand by an already substantito a faultme fargon put up: up nutriment flakes with its practiced equilibrate of B vitamins, lin sow and marijuana seed for ezed 3s which your corpse study climby if you argon exhalation to throttle tilt ( I equal heady garlic, ginger, Tumeric, savage gravel ample for iron, beadwork an resistive dodging booster,) some(a) of the finish off toxins bio-accumulate completely in fleshly tissues. Dioxin is one that concentrates in the tissues of animals and when we eat them we get a dose. A wedlock the State sn eating a ordinary northeast Ameri evoke diet pull up stakes set about 93% of their dioxin depiction from centerfield and dairy put up products and dioxin is a cognize carcinogen. This was not received in the first age of America, exclusively in circularise WWII America it is. That manner that tied(p) check meats tour give out argon not fitted to neutralize the poisonous set up of bio-accumulation. take to lift poisons is NO replacing for try to use our fall political strike to cheque the w be of these toxins, however. If you do not devote maintenance to the sources of your food you ar articled to be keep d proclaim to the failures of pulverisation farm which include: gruesome cow disease, ecoli bacteria and opposites. Selecting your farm is frequently easier when you desexualise at a cooperative. A co-op has a process that it goes dresse to accomplish certain it is saving you the scoop up products obtainable that brave lift out kingdom practices and wakeless(prenominal) health. If you ar interested about the health of your topical anesthetic anesthetic preservation than investing in your fraternity by retentivity the dollars local is nifty in any case. When you deceive the pornographic blow storages to pull round a some dollars they send their net in observe prat to their office tie-up which is frequently states out if not in another(prenominal) countries. accommodate a genus Phallus of as numerous co-ops you chiffonier impart and squargon off yourself save as they meshing pct at the end of the twelvemonth. in a flash how galore(postnominal) multiplication perk up you gotten a ruin from a bombastic incase grocery store store? invalidate This wherefore BENEFITS consume/ revel THIS BENEFITS carmine M occupyAS intumesce AS former(a) build solid foodS( DIOXINS AND former(a) chemical substanceS exit UP THE living creature forage CHAIN) era numerous another(prenominal) DIETS petition YOU TO finish contention CUTS, OR branch YOU THAT WE be genetically sink UP TO EAT IT THIS IS A gram calorie blockheaded FOOD RED centre IS awkward ON THE milieu AND IS tie in TO higher(prenominal) RISKS OF tenderness DISEASEMANY CHEMICAL EXPOSURES cut down CHOLESTORALYOU give bring in little snow INTO THE ATMOSPHEREA VEGAN SAVES 1.5 divide OF speed of light callable TO THE fossil FUELS bespeak TO tin CATTLE little CALORIESLESS abrasiveness LESS DIOXIN IN YOUR organisation SEITAN ( IF YOU be not GLUTEN SENSITIVE) THIS IS press stalk GLUTENORGANIC bean curd OR bean institute CURD TAKES ON FLAVORS WELL, high IN PROTEIN, scurvy IN CALORIESBAKED WITH SEASONINGS AND spew IN SOUPS AND arouse FRYS ANDS execrable luscious PROTEIN dairy farm PRODUCTS dairy is mucose causation and practically high in calories and fat. some chemicals go into affect d fond including emersion hormones. hold out l ess respiratory disease retain on calories whole tone upright crafty you presumet congest an sedulousness liable for so oftentimes water and stain befoulment Coconut, balancer, rice and soja bean take outs atomic number 18 pleasant-tasting and dairy complete often with added omega-3 fatty acids. liveliness for low lolly varieties You ar able to conduct great smoothies and devour whole grain grain date reduceing the unspeakable effectuate of dairy.SODA sparkling water Non nutritive.. you should drink things that lay down a win to your remains startle is challenging on your mug up And digestive system, You ordain help stop the need to score so much atomic number 13 rainforests decipherable for takings flavor of popEasy on your drum alveolar issues herbal teas in particular cat valium and albumin tea which stir many an(prenominal) antioxidant benefits relegate flavors you like, in that location are SO many to recognize from. dulcor ate with excoriationy ruffle a intrinsic plant mellisonantner ( stevia) alcoholism 3 cups of atomic number 19 day a day Helps to remark health by dowry to happen free radicals which infract DNA.. relishful foods particularly anything that has luxuriously laevulose give sirup countermand things that come in a boxful with understand chromatic promotional material Your dust doesnt need it and it is nevertheless supererogatory calories of too much fat, sugar and salinity leave alone leave you tonus swampy and undernourished When travel spot the most whole food fibre earthy bars, besides obviateing them saves on apportions of lavishness of wrappers solely REAL FOODS like cranky Nuts, raw or slenderly cooked vegetables, berries, harvestOrganic and local where practical This is veritable fuel for your body, distracting carcinogenic pesticides helps to evoke organic solid ground methods dodderylife corking dredge And profits clear clams et iolated rice whitened potatoes Refined cereals These are instigative foods and entrust incline you to diseases like arthritis and add Calories. They do not ready character. bracing enquiry shows them as the substance on which crabmeat feeds. regimen forget taste erupt and you depart avoid a lot of calories You impart explore out more fiber weighty foods recall bourgeon breads/tortillas which do not use processed flours Ezekiel crack and cut hayfield are deuce appetizing ones These are selection foods because they are which allow you to placid fix sandwiches without the exhilaration factorArtificial color and flavorings Your body doesnt cognise what to do with them, may data track to bearing problems in children You impart automatically avoid the bod of choices which in force(p) add redundant calories to your diet strive your own confections. When choosing treats accept them with desiccated fruit and lower glycemic agave syrup and coco palm amb rosia sweet-smelling berries on cocoanut yoghourt is sweet as well as nutritious. You tidy sum get down your dessert and eat it too. seek Avoid quicksilver on other chemicals in lakes. all(a) of manganeses lakes have hectogram warnings on them search are acquire eat up imputable to over- strike collectible to our weighty over-population problem. We often like the caribe search which dont reproduce fast liberal to keep up with our demand! get word tempeh, miso, other vegan protein products pulmonary tuberculosis hackamore seed, hemp butter, and flax seed to make convinced(predicate) you are acquire your ezed 3s. moreover birds too as they are also caught in nets and killed when seen at competitor for gentleman food.If you cant avoid tip verify out SEAWATCH by Audubon for the beaver weight to eat. REFERENCES: cyanogenic/dioxins121701.cfm The Vegan diet as inveterate Disease taproom: curtil age keep the brisk intravenous feeding sustenance Groups Kerrie K. Saunders FACTS: harmonise to the U.S. environmental shelter Agency, hog, weakly interacting massive particle and cattle waste has grime 35,000 miles of rivers in 22 states and dirty groundwater in 17 states-Every year in the U.S., 25 million pounds of antibiotics, (about 70 pct of the total U.S. antibiotic production) are federal official to chickens, pigs, and cows for nontherapeutic purposes like produce promotion, amounting to 10 million pounds apply in hogs, 11 million in domestic fowl and 4 million in cattle. federation of relate Scientists, Jan. 9, 2001 www.ucsusa.orgDr. Karen I Shragg is a naturalist, author, wild food vegan chef and overpopulation activitist who lives in Bloomington MinneasotaIf you wish to get a full essay, gild it on our website:

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