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Sg S Pastries And Ice Cream Marketing Essay

Sg S Pastries And Ice Cream Marketing Essay In every business there must be an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is a person who undertakes the responsibilities of running a successful business and sees to it that a profit is made. Functions of the entrepreneur in this business include: Planning- Developing an overall business plan for the business covering Pastries and Ice-Cream, to be implemented by the production manager. Developing a plan for delivery and marketing of the product. Organizing- Developing routines for food preparation and purchasing of supplies, to be implemented by the production manager. Evaluating performance- Continuously evaluating and monitoring all aspects of the operation, including staff performance, running costs, market response and sales revenue. The entrepreneur identifies issues and problems and takes corrective action where indicated. Use of Technology At SGs Pastries and Ice-Cream, we will use different types of technology. As we all know, technology is important and necessary to all business. Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. At SGs Pastries and Ice-Cream, practical and effective use will be made of the following technologies: telephones, computers, cash registers, refrigerators, ovens, management information systems (MIS) and also fax machines. The telephone will be used to call special and original customers and also to do promotions whenever there is a new product in stock. Computers will be used to store important information for the business. However, as dealing with computers, internet will be used to advertise the business. The cash register will be used to cash whatever is ordered by the customers, the deep freeze will be used to preserve the ice-cream and refrigerator to keep the juices and beverages, and also to make the ice-cream. These technologies will enhance the business by providing goods and services to supply the customers and this will result in the business making a profit and the business being successful. Potential for Growth Here at SGs pastries and Ice-Cream, we will seek to expand the business internally and externally. Since growth is important to every business, SGs Pastries and Ice-Cream will seek to expand the business internally by employing more workers which will produce more goods and better services and this will result in increasing profit. Externally means outside and may be referred to the branches of the business. It is the growth of the companied by an increase of land, labour, capitals and enterprise. Externally, SGs Pastries and Ice-Cream will open other branches in other parishes and towns and will also invest in ice-cream trucks to go around and sell ice-cream. Justification of Location SGs Pastries and Ice-Cream will be located on Kings Plaza in the Centre of Negril Town. This town is very popular and well developed. Negril Town is also well populated and because of this the business will be well supported and this will result in the business being prosperous. There will be no problems accessing raw materials because there is a wide range of supermarkets and wholesales to supply the business with raw materials. Transporting the raw material will be easy because taxi and trucks will be ready and waiting to transport the raw materials to the business to be processed. There is also a demand for the products in Negril and opening this business will lead customers and buyers to support the business. There are also several work stations there so when its lunch time, people will just run over to get an ice-cream and a snack. Selection of Appropriate Labour The type of labour that will be used at SGs Pastries and Ice-Cream are the Skilled Labour and Unskilled Labour. These labours are necessary because the workers will need to know how to operate the different machines. These labours were also chosen because they are the most suitable labour and it will enable and enhance prompt and efficient service to satisfy our customers. To carry out the job in the business, there will be two cashiers who will be responsible for cashing what the customer wants to purchase and four chefs who will make the delicious pastries and snacks which will enlighten taste buds. There will be two waitresses to take orders from the customer and sever them what we have to offer in our comfortable, relaxing and entertaining spots in our business and most important there will be a security guard who will protect both the workers and customers from harm and danger. He will do, the best of this ability, to see to it whoever is inside the business is safe. Last but not least there will be a janitor who will be responsible for sanitizing the different parts of the business before, during and after each task. She will see to it that the business will be kept clean at all times which will attract customers and will result in them repeatedly visiting the business to support. The professionals will handle all the finance and the office work and the unskilled workers will take care of the packaging and cleaning while the skilled workers will be operating the machines. This will contribute to the profitability of the business. Source of Fixed and Working Capital Fixed Capital refers the assets of the business. These have a long life and will be used up in the business for the production of goods and for the creation of further wealth. Some of these are: Machines, premises and vehicles. This capital will be financed by a loan from Jamaica National (JN) and it will be paid back by a payment plan which will be paid monthly at a 10% rate. On the other hand, there is working capital, which can be defined as the short term assets which are turned over fairly during the course of the business. They include; cash, stocks and other items required for the day-to-day operation of the business. These may be obtained from the personal saving, the bank, supermarket and wholesale. The working capital is also used for paying expenses and workers. Type of Production SGs Pastries and Ice-Cream will be engaged in secondary production. This involves taking raw material and converting them into finished or semi-finished goods. This production to SGs Pastries and Ice-Cream we will be using raw materials such as milk powder, condensed milk, evaporated milk and colouring will be converted into a product: Ice-Cream and Pastries. Levels of Production SGs Pastries and Ice-Cream operates within the domestic level of production. This level is best defined as everything produced locally in the home country. This level is necessary because it does not involve any foreign countries but does involve human and natural resources which are both employed. Pastries and Ice-Cream will also be providing for persons in the community in Negril and communities that are nearby. Quality Control Measures Quality control measures refer to the way in which a company ensures that the product meets the standard of the government regulations. It is also the way in which a country ensures that the product meet the standard the firm has set. The businesss policy is, clean up before during and after. Firstly, we make sure that our workers have their food handlers permit. Secondly, we set in place a schedule to outline the different tasks to be done on a daily basis for e.g. wiping the floor and wiping the tables etc. We also promote our policy by ensuring that the person sharing the ice cream uses a glove to avoid contamination of it. We also will ensure that the ice-cream is kept in the refrigerator for preservation. However, the ingredients that will be used to produce the goods are of high quality to satisfy our customers. The brand names, information on the product such as nutrition facts, directions and ingredients will show that the product does not have any fault. This will enable the business to gain more profit. Personnels from the Bureau of Standard will also come to do sample testing on the products that are made in the establishment. Linkages Linkage is when one industry emerges from the situation in producing a product which another industry depends on thus to carry out their own activities. Here this will be depicted because we will provide other business with ice-cream and other pastries. At SGs Pastries and Ice-Cream, we intend to use the forward linkage. SGs Pastries and Ice-Cream will provide other small businesses with the best tasting ice-cream and pastries. We will provide businesses such as snack shops, small ice-cream shops, community shops and school tuck shop with ice-cream. Supplying other smaller businesses will generate more income in which SGs Pastries and Ice-Cream will not only sell consumers but also have a fixed chain of common like business owners to supply with the best ice-cream. Government Regulations The business has to follow rules and regulation. Tax is one of the most important aspects relating to the government. However, like everyone and every business, tax must be paid. It will impact on the business positively because tax aids in developing the economy in term of fixing roads and building homes for the homeless etc; and it also fund the prisoners by providing them with food. So when the business gives up what is due to the government, a positive action will be displayed by the business and the businesss taxes will help with the development of the country. However, paying taxes prevent you from being in problems with the government. We at SGs Pastries and Ice-cream will make sure that all the garbage is been properly disposed. We will also ensure that the workers adhere to the health and safety regulations and all of our workers have a valid food handlers permit which is issued through clinics. Ethical Issues Ethical issues can be defined as the rights within the scope of a law. However, ethical issues are very important as it relates to the business world. Here both the boss and workers will ensure that the environment or surrounding of the business will be kept clean at all times. Therefore if an inspector should come to the business, the business will be clean and tidy and that will result in the inspector complimenting the business and he/she will make recommendations. And they may make a suggestion and come back to see if what was suggested was taken into action and was done properly. If the business is kept clean this will enhance the efficiency of the workers. As a result, more customers will be attracted. However, at SGs Pastries and Ice-cream will do back ground checks on our suppliers to ensure that the raw material we buy are coming from legal sources. We will also ensure that the raw materials we use to produce our products are of a good quality. Proposed Business Plan for SGs Pastries Ice-Cream Production Aspect Aims of Business At SGs Pastries Ice-Cream, we provide fresh and quality Pastries and Ice-Cream at an affordable cost with exceptional customer service to meet the customers need and wants. Table of Content Title Page Aims of Business Description of Business Justification of Location Selection of Appropriate Labour Sources of Fixed Working Capital Roles of the Entrepreneur Type of Production Levels of Production Quality Control Measures Use of Technology Linkage Potential for Growth Government Regulations Ethical Issue

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