Monday, August 12, 2019

Advertising analysis Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Advertising analysis - Assignment Example Obviously, the message of the advertisement is to attract customers to go to Disneyland for fun and entertainment. The aforementioned advertisement in particular uses an adventurous Disney character named â€Å"Buzz†, to show all the places the whole family can enjoy. Buzz goes from place to place and makes wonderful statements about everything he sees. His closing speech, â€Å"There’s no end in sight†, says it all. The message clearly shows that Disneyland is a place where there is so much to do and the fun stops depending on the customer’s time and budget. Children may be the primary target audience of the ad but it also includes adults as well. With the budget needed for the vacation at Disneyland, the company did not fail to consider the finance managers of the family. Therefore, they included what adults can also enjoy in the place. The ad also implies that adults need to have as much fun as kids do and that they need to unwind in a place such as Disneyland. The creator of the ad is Disneyland evidently because the materials used are all owned by the company. Moreover, who else would be interested to make an advertisement for a company’s product but the company itself. The creator highlights the fun and adventure which families enjoy at Disneyland and speaks to the customers through a fun-loving cartoon character who is loved both by kids and parents. Making a filmed ad is perhaps more effective than still images especially when it is intended for children and the busy parents. This makes the production of the ad quite successful. It does not just attract the viewers’ attention but it also entices them through the sights and sounds. The messages are delivered more easily and accurately through the images and the words of â€Å"Buzz†. The makers of the ad seemed to have considered all the different points of view. From the

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