Saturday, August 10, 2019

Rebuttal Argument Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Rebuttal Argument - Essay Example Wild animals still entail the intrinsic trait of being unsecure. Therefore, people ought to vision beyond their passions and seek to secure themselves. Another reason for not legalizing the taming of exotic animals is that of common sense (USA Today). Wild animals are meant to be as such. Therefore, people should cage normal pets as opposed to the exotic ones. This is because there are animals designated to be pets and others meant to stay in the natural stay. This general sense is what those keeping wild animals lack. In addition, wild animals can never be pets because of passion for the exotic animal. This refers to the verity that certain people take to mistreating the exotic animals. This happens when they fail to bestow their liberty of nature. Moreover, wild animals thrive in conditions with provisions of nature. Therefore, when someone takes to mistreating the animals, this depicts that they entail no fairness. Opinion countering that of the editorial is that there are exceedingly low chances of deaths caused by exotic animals. For instance, statistics prove that only 3.25 Percent of people become executed by exotic animals (USA Today). Therefore, wild animals depict exceedingly limited risks pertaining to people’s safety. There are no explanations as to why people should evade exotic animals becoming their pets. Another reason is that having wild animals as pets eradicates strain on the natural populace (USA Today). This explains that competition among wild animals becomes exceedingly negligible. Therefore, resources become sufficient for the other masses. On the contrary, tamed animals are availed with necessities by the owner. This is ensures that natural endowments are ample for animals. According to The Humane Society of the United States, another reason is that exotic populace acts as a backing for extinction of the wild life. This means that in events where wild animals become rare, the tamed ones save the situation.

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