Sunday, August 25, 2019

Workplace romance Thesis Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Workplace romance - Thesis Example Some coworkers may take workplace to be of no interest to them even as others may see their love affair responded to with a high level of defense. Companies and organizations are confused in respect work place romance since they ought to give a free and conducive environment for workers as opposed supposed to creating fear and tension among workers. Another subject of confusion in relation o workplace romance relates to the right organ or department to handle such cases. Some managers feel that such relationships could affect the productivity of the company while others feel that workers are citizens who have rights to socialize in whichever way they like even in the organizational setup. This has seen companies in situations where they have been unable to come with approaches and policies that address office dating. It has become challenging when people from different departments fall in love, for example, the administrator having a love affair with a junior officer in a certain dep artment. Secondly, it has been of less effect when the administrator develops a romantic relationship with his or her secretary, when the same administrator is the one who is in charge of implementing the laid down policies. This paper will discuss different perspectives and opinions of different authors toward work place romance. According to Bytautas, Klenin, Marinescu and Appelbaum (2007), employers have experienced work place relationships for a long time. They indicate that employers are in a position to realize that workers have love relationships with another employee. Bytautas et al. indicate that companies have realized the effects that come with work place relationships. It is has negative effects on production since the respective couples tend to spend their time together thinking of each other instead of concentrating on the delivery of service. Bytautas et al. suggest that work place romance has been a result of an

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