Thursday, September 12, 2019

Comparing Teacher Standards Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Comparing Teacher Standards - Essay Example Accesses students thinking and experiences as a basis for instructional activities by, for example, encouraging discussion, listening and responding to group interaction, and eliciting samples of student thinking orally and in writing. obtained advanced certification defined as a professional or permanent certificate, and if assigned to middle and secondary grades the teacher has completed at least 30 semester hours distributed across academic subject matter knowledge, teaching skills, and state academic content standards related to the teaching assignment; OR achieved 100 points on the Ohio Highly Qualified Teacher Rubric (The rubric credits a combination of teaching experience, coursework, professional development, professional activities, and awards. This rubric is still under development); OR Assesses individual and group performance in order to design instruction that meets learners current needs in each domain (cognitive, social, emotional, moral, and physical) and that leads to the next level of development. Understands and can identify differences in approaches to learning and performance, including different learning styles, multiple intelligences, and performance modes, and can design instruction that helps use students strengths as the basis for growth. Values on-going assessment as essential to the instructional process and recognizes that many different assessment strategies, accurately and systematically used, are necessary for monitoring and promoting student learning. Appropriately uses a variety of formal and informal assessment techniques (e.g. observation, portfolios of student work, teacher-made tests, performance tasks, projects, student self-assessments, peer assessment, and standardized tests) to enhance his or her knowledge of learners, evaluate students progress and performances, and modify teaching and learning strategies. 1. Have an individual professional development plan approved by the local

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