Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Education vs Economic Crisis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 11750 words

Education vs Economic Crisis - Essay Example The research utilizes resources readily available as it seeks to shed light on the gap between the economic crisis and the education. The economic crisis pushes schools to adopt the best marketing and educational exercises that minimize expenditure to create profits for the business. The research attempts to provide information necessary for the management of Eurognosi to adopt optimal operations to acquire profits. Given the nature of the education system, the research utilized the availability of parents during the school’s enrollment day. Parents and guardians alike gathered at the institution to bring their children as they commenced the first day of the academic year. The research involved supplying questionnaires and administering interviews to all the stakeholders present at the school. The results acquired were gathered, tabulated, evaluated, and analyzed to extract the best practice techniques to ensure the survival of the institution in the near future. The research provides the linking information between the economic recession characteristic of the last decade and its effect on the standards of education delivered to students. The purpose of the project is to find and deeply analyze the main needs of today’s users as it comes to education in private institutes. To achieve such an analysis, a new market research will be implemented. For the purpose of this project, the institute to be used would be â€Å"Eurognosi† and more specifically the branch in Aglantzia. A SWOT analysis will be implemented to develop critical thinking to improve strategic plans and objectives of the branch. The main advantage of the project lies in its uniqueness and is the forebear of more studies to come.

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