Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Pregnancy and Child Bearing Practices of People of Mexican Culture Assignment

Pregnancy and Child Bearing Practices of People of Mexican Culture - Assignment Example aditions play a critical role in determining what a pregnant woman does and whether she can seek conventional healthcare specifically prenatal and antenatal care. This paper will discuss the pregnancy and childbearing practices of the Mexican people. According to the American statistics, Mexican Americans registered a birthrate of 24.3% in 2007. Notably, the Mexican Americans have registered increasing birthrates over the years. In the Mexican culture, multiple births are a normal aspect of life. The financially unstable groups have a view that having a high number of children serves as evidence of their virility. Women begin the childbearing process between the ages of 19 and 24. The Mexican culture has numerous fertility practices, specifically linked to their Catholic religion. Women in the Mexican culture consider prolonged breastfeeding as a strategy of controlling birth. Therefore, women are less likely to use contraceptives in an effort to plan their families. The perception of the Mexican people towards abortion is that it is morally wrong and is only permissible if the mother’s life is at risk. However, with the increasing acculturation to the American mainstream culture, some parts of Mexico have continuously pr acticed abortion. Notably, the Catholic religion, which has a critical influence on the Mexican culture, does not forbid the use of contraceptives (Barragan et al., 2011, p. 615). Therefore, women can choose to use contraceptives instead of relying on prolonged breastfeeding. However, some forms of birth control practices such as the use of female condoms and creams do not have a place in the Mexican culture. The Mexican culture is highly selective on the most appropriate contraceptives that women can use. Notably, Mexicans believe that women should not touch their private parts, hence they consider the use of female condoms against their culture. Birth control pills also receive a negative perception in the Mexican culture. Mexicans view

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