Friday, October 4, 2019

Home work Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Home work - Essay Example Nonetheless, the expos expanded the countries’ economies by opening them up to the international arena (â€Å"China’s Economic Miracle,† 2008). Environmental problems are inherent in the two countries although Japan faced its challenges after war while China experiences environmental problems and challenges to date. Critics point out that China puts economic advancements at the behest of its environment. In effect, this has led to Beijing acquiring the name â€Å"Greyjing† as an indication of the amount of pollution experienced in the city. In a similar way, Japan faced criticism over the photochemical pollution experienced in Tokyo in the early 70s, which was due to industrial developments without considering the consequences on the environment. Despite disparate political institutions, the path towards economic growth in China is similar to the Japanese approach towards growth. Consequently, there is an indication that China may face challenges characterized by a slowdown in its economy, similar to Japan’s, if the country failed to adopt approaches aimed at lessening the effects of an economic slump. In effect, the failure to implement approaches that addressed the challenges faced by an economic slump will ensure that China’s economic progress slowed in a similar way to Japan’s due to their similarities in economic growth. Popularly known as MCB, Monfort College of Business is the leading college in terms of the value it creates. In this case, the college provides an excellent learning environment that was better than the environment provided by its peers. Using high technology to support its curriculum, the college produces graduates by preparing them for the competitive job market in the United States. To achieve this, the college affiliates itself with the business community in order to provide students with hands-on experiences by providing the students a chance to have a professional overview of their future

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