Friday, July 26, 2019

Comedy Of Errors Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Comedy Of Errors - Essay Example The actions were perfectly organized by the set designer Nina Ball. From the first moment of the play, the audience was hypnotized with the songs and cues, approximating the action to the present days. The touching scene was a shipwreck, which separated the family and created the intrigue over the plot. The role of Dromeo twins was perfectly played by Danny Scheie. The main female characters – Adriana (Nemuna Ceesay) and Luciana (Tristan Cunningham) represented the brilliant scene getting the best lines and the total affection of the audience. Costumes designer Beaver Bauer surprised the audience with the simplicity of dresses suitable for the comical style of the play. The main theme of the play is the loss of individuality represented by the characters of twins. The production concept helps to understand the themes and values of the play. Shakespeares works in the forms of drama, comedy or tragedy are unique because they cover the psychological aspect of the personality. All the production elements came together perfectly to form one whole artistic piece. The play contains a deep interest in the person’s nature, his feelings, inspirations and passions, sorrows and numerable mistakes. Shakespeare’s plays are often really metaphorical and his verves might be difficult to understand. The comedy has some contextual meaning devoted to love, though he term â€Å"love† is not really used in the play. All of us realize what love is and have experienced it at least once in a lifetime, but it is often difficult to define the meaning of love and put the perception of this phenomenon into words. It is even understood differently by people. Rationalists and the adherents of science claim it to be just a chemical reaction in the human brain; cynics insist that this feeling is a disease, but the comedy manages to show it as an art, whereas the author

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