Saturday, July 27, 2019

How Triple Constraint Impacts Projects Term Paper

How Triple Constraint Impacts Projects - Term Paper Example Scope (Quality): refers to the requirements and functionality that are discussed and thus set in the requirements phase with the client. Any changes in the scope in the later stages of the project cause a diverse effect on the project since the resources are assigned as per the needs of the discussed scope of the project. The outcome of the project can be judged by the scope of the project. Cost (resources): The cost of the project is estimated with respect to the man-hours that will be spent on the project, number of resources that will be assigned on it and the cost of the materials that will be used in the project. Time (schedule): The total time period of any project is analyzed in the smallest detail. The components are analyzed with respect to the different tasks that might be needed to complete it and the amount of time that might be needed for those tasks. The accumulation of the duration of the different components tasks amounts to the total time required for project completion. It is the job of the project manager to manage these triple constraints in the project so that the needs of the clients are fulfilled in the most appropriate manner. Some of these constraints might be compromised in order to deliver the other constraint. These are good measures of the success of any project since these three elements are the most vital and quantifiable aspects. These are also good indicators for a successful project because they can fit any project of any kind. Jessica (2008) stated an example regarding the triple constraints; some clients signed a boat contract with a boat manufacturing company. The company takes a year to make the boat but these clients want the boat to be delivered within 9 months with a budget of $100,000. The time (schedule) of the project is fixed since the clients want the boat to be delivered

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