Sunday, September 8, 2019

About myself Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

About myself - Essay Example How would life be like if my father was a Sheikh, prince or the owner of a large oil corporation in the Middle East region? Personally, being a speed enthusiast particularly with motor bikes, I would make a point of owning a few bikes and possibly owning a racetrack where I would invite fellow enthusiasts for races while entertaining parties. I would certainly invite all the famous, professional racers from AMA Pro racing especially. My mother would not be too keen on this so I would try to butter her up by getting her culinary lessons from celebrity chefs such as Guy Savoy. She would be the least interested with the wealth in my family as she is modest and appreciates simplicity a bit too much. Her indulgence would be hosting our extended family and close friends at home and preparing a variety of dishes and desserts. My father, on the other hand, would enjoy the races as much as I would although his main vice would be cars. My sisters- twins- would probably be living in Europe, Rome particularly as they are quite fond of the language and Italian cuisine. Their main vice is designer clothes and shoes so I am certain they would enjoy Italy and Paris. I would make a point of inviting them to my racetrack parties as well as visiting them frequently, possibly in a personal jet with all the luxurious amenities! Furthermore, I would make a point of having a house or two in every continent as I enjoy travelling and learning new cultures. It would be nice to own an island as well like Richard Bronson of Virgin Island. Here, I would insist on my family and I coming together every six months for a vacation. It would make sense to own a yacht seeing as seeing as my family would own an island. The yacht would be an ideal place to hold parties for my friends and I every so often. I am keen on photography so I would own cameras with the most recent technologies along with attending the best schools for the same. I would make a

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