Saturday, September 7, 2019

Management in a Globailsed world Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Management in a Globailsed world - Assignment Example The movement of goods and services is usually carried across different countries. Most of the businesses engaging in the trade are multinationals and to some extent, the smaller established companies. In addition, globalization entails the movement of human resources that includes labor across various countries. Labor is an important part of an organization since a business needs the right workforce to make it in any business environment. Some of the organization may move their compatriots in major positions before they offer them to those of the host country. As such, the companies to prevent conflicts with the government follow various laws that affect such activities. The movement of labor usually brings people of different languages and backgrounds together. The culture of the people is thus different, and, therefore, there is need to make sure communication is improved between the workers. For there to be an understanding, there should be an improvement in the communication. The refore, the common ground is that the language is an issue and therefore bringing the people together and using various communication channels to help in bringing unity among the workers. Globalization, for example, can be evidenced by various multinationals like Coca Cola since they set up their business in developing countries and end up imposing the western culture on the people especially those that work in the companies. The people thus have to learn the various cultures of the foreign businesses. Macro level deals with what is required of the organization in adhering to various regulations in the host country. The micro level deals with the interests of the employees, mainly expatriates. The interests of the expatriates in terms of security and other issues that may affect them in the host country are looked into by the organization. The expatriate is taken to be working 24 hours for the company and therefore if

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