Sunday, November 3, 2019

Final Exam Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 8

Final Exam - Essay Example The world had just experienced an economic depression and majority of the Germans had lost hope in recovering their lost funds that they had invested in stocks. The Nazism provided the much needed hope to help the citizens something which the Weimar government had failed to do. This attracted majority of the populations to the support of the Nazis hence they had a great following. Hitler then became even stronger by unification with the national conservatisms party in Germany which became a major power. The World War II was majorly caused by the aggression of countries such as Japan, Italy and Germany. This was majorly influenced by the economic depressions that had hit the country’s leading to high inflations in the economy. Majority of the citizens from this countries opted for military use to gain what they wanted. Japan military attacked China and even set up Manchukuo in China so that they could get access to the minerals to help their countries. This led to bombings in cities such Guangzhou that resulted into war crimes fuelling the world tensions. Invasions of Nazi attacks and the Soviet Union’s, for instance Germany attacked Poland and acquired Sudetenland of the Czech Republic without their consent. Italy on the other hand carried attacked on Austria and expanded into East Africa regions such Ethiopia to acquire wealth that made the League of Nations to announce them assailant. As a result, the Britain and France came in to help the vulnerable nations from ag gressions of the dictatorship regimes. This led to the rise of the Second World War II. However, this war could have been avoided if Britain and France had no soft spot for the hard-line positions held by Germany as they acquired other territories or if the European countries had addressed the economic depression that had affected the various nations. They had resources and always allowed

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