Friday, November 1, 2019

Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words - 1

Research Proposal Example Therefore, even those consumers who wished to purchase electronics faced restrictions in doing so since there was limited credit. This resulted in huge losses for electronics companies, including Blackberry, Motorola Mobility, and Nokia, evidencing the significant effects the recession was having on the electronics industry. The research paper will seek to evaluate the effects of the recession on behaviour of the consumer in the UK electronics industry, particularly with regards to the smartphone industry. Understanding the response of consumers to the economic downturn with regards to their buying behaviour is imperative for companies seeking to ensure future success (Chakrabarti, 2011: p56). While signs show that the UK economy is stabilizing, leading to questions about this research’s relevance, the changes to consumer behaviour by recessions tend to last for a long time. Therefore, even as economists signal the end of the recession and beginning of recovery, this is unlike ly to be reflected immediately by consumers in their buying behaviour. This literature review will seek to provide a strong foundation in order to understand various widely used consumer behaviour models, which is important in investigating current buying behaviour and decision-making process of consumers in the UK. Consumer behaviour accounts for every decision and action taken by individuals during the purchase of services and goods. According to Dees & Soares (2013: p5), studying the behaviour of consumers is important since for firms to be successful, they should understand the forces that drive consumers to make decisions about purchasing a product, while also helping determine why they choose one brand over another, how they come to these decisions, and how this information can be used for value creation. Foxall (2013: p99) defines consumer behaviour as the study of those processes through which groups or

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